Friday, May 18, 2007

collection Hora 07

Products must make pleasurable emotional connections with their end-user through their use and the beauty of their form.

“Mad” Is a wall clock made of metal and metacrilate. Designed by Francesco Cappuccio.Produced by hora

“70's” A wall clock collection made of mdf and metacrilate.

“70's” collection not only tell time, but also provide a graphic sign on the wall, for any contemporary or retro-styled room.

Designed by Francesco Cappuccio, produced by hora.

Multi customizable wall clocks "choose your time" is made of MDF white board, you can write your favorite city and notes. Produced by Hora

Designed by Francesco Cappuccio, produced by hora.


Albertonzo said...

Davvero bello il tuo nuovo orologio...sai dove posso trovarlo in vendita? Davvero molto bello. Complimenti ;)

Francesco Cappuccio said...

Grazie dei complimenti albertonzo.
Non so se hanno rivenditori in Italia ma puoi chiedere info al loro website:

Andre said...

Dove posso trovare Mad e` veramente un bellissimo oggetto di design, complimenti