Sunday, October 7, 2007

Waiting Cabinets

Designer: Francesco Cappuccio


Italian movement (Movimento Spaziale - spacialist movement, or spacialism) started by the Argentine-born Italian artist Lucio Fontana after his return to Italy from Argentina in 1947. The movement was launched in 1947 with the first Manifiesto Spaziale (spatialist manifesto - several more followed) in which Fontana developed the ideas of the Manifiesto Blanco issued at the Altamira Academy in Buenos Aires the year before. . The basis of the Concetto Spaziale works was the piercing or later, slashing with a razor, of the canvas to create an actual dimension of space. Fontana made a long series of these and extended the idea into sculpture in his Concetto Spaziale, Natura series.

"Waiting cabinets" has been shortlisted at "Vico Magistretti international competition"

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